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Do you have any questions? Please write us, we will be happy to answer you:

Pazo Barbeirón 

Sobrado, A Pobra de Trives

32782 - Ourense 


Phone: 988 10 06 18

Where do i go?

To relax, to disconnect from the world, to forget everything, to breathe fresh air, to listen only to the sound of the birds, to create unforgettable memories, to live a few romantic days, to connect with nature, to enjoy the family, you come to be pampered.


The name Slow Hotel means that the management is carried out by the owners, meaning you will live with the owners of the hotel throughout your stay. We define it as '' Welcome to our home ''.


At Pazo Barbeirón we take care of all the little details and try to make you feel at home, we hope to see you soon.


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